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Thursday, May 22
7:30 PM

THE EVENT: The All Candiates Debate! To be held at the Roundhouse Community Centre on the old Expo site.

Elvis will be in the building along with the candidates from the parties who will be merging under the Elvis banner after the election. The format has been proposed as;

  • 2 minutes per candidate opening comments
  • Approx 1.5 hours of open mike questions from the floor directed to specific candiades. Other canidates may rebutt.
  • 2 minutes per candiate closing comments.

Do you have questions for Elvis? If you are a voter in the riding, you are welcome to come to this event and see all the candidates lay it on the table to help you decide why you are going to vote for Elvis. One note, please wear blue and yellow and don't be TOO drunk or they might throw you out.

Saturday, May 24
11:00 at the Statue of Lord Stanley near the entrance to Stanley Park
THE MISSION: To walk the Stanley Park Seawall, bring Elvis to the people, hand out buttons to those who may want them, and of course enjoy the day. Wear blue and yellow and be prepared for an entertaining experience.

Now no kidding about, 11:00 REALLY IS THE MEETING TIME. If you're going to show up much after that, then enjoy your day in Stanley Park, be sure to see the thousand year old polar bears and try not to be too sad about missing out on the Elvis Party walk of the Seawall.

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Authorized by D. McGregor, Offical Agent for Elvis Flostrand.