Why settle for a
Prime Minister when
you can elect a King?
You've reached the web headquarters of the Elvis97 campaign.
Oh how excited you must be! How proud! How confident and strong!
But enough about you, let's talk about sending The King to Ottawa.

It has been officially declared that there will be a Canadian federal general election on June 2, 1997. In the riding of Vancouver Centre, Elvis will be on the ballot. It is commonly understood, though not officially declared that he will win this riding, and then travel to Ottawa, take his seat in Parliament, persuade all the other MPs to abandon their politics and join his party, then rule the country as per his destiny.

Why Elvis? The Campaign The King Needs You! Epilogue

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Authorized by D. McGregor, Offical Agent for Elvis Flostrand.

This campain has absolutely nothing to do with Elvis Presley Enterprises, The Graceland Estate, or anything of that ilk. Any similarities between this Elvis and any other Elvises that you might have heard of are PURELY coincidental. This entire endeavour is absolutely and unquestionably not for profit. The only body making money off all this is Elections Canada who will be keeping the $500 deposit unless Elvis97 gets 15% of the vote!